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Navigating the Board

If you are using a mouse, you can right click and drag to pan around the board.

If you are using a touch screen, simply drag the board using two fingers.

Adding Collaborators

Having multiple people drawing on the same board is a key feature. To get other people drawing on your board, simply go to your board and give them the URL, which can be found in the address bar.

Collaborators will be able to do anything that you can, including erasing the board and sharing it with others, should they so wish.



The default tool, and probably the one you will use the most. When in use, simply click (or tap) the board and drag to produce lines and shapes.


Similar to the pencil, but for erasing marks made on the whiteboard. Note that the radius of the eraser is much larger than the pencil.


Select this tool, then click anywhere on the board and you will be able to input text. Press enter to finish, or escape to cancel. Alternatively, you can click the confirm and cancel buttons in the tool bar. While typing, you can click again to reposition the text.


Clicking this will give you the option to either upload an image or retrieve one from a URL. After doing so, click on the canvas to position the image. The magnifying glass buttons in the tool bar will allow you to enlarge or shrink the image. When you are happy, click the confirm button in the tool bar, or click the cancel button to not place the image and return to the whiteboard.


By default, there are three colours to pick from. Click or tap one to use it. The current colour will affect the pencil and text tools.


Pressing undo will reverse your previous action, without interfering with any else's work. All actions can be undone, including clearing the board. Note that you cannot 'undo' the actions of other people, but you can erase what they draw.


The settings buttons provides a few extra options. The clear button will clear the whiteboard. If you hit this by accident, you can press the undo button to get the board back. The save image button will allow you to save an image of the whiteboard to your own computer. The help button opens this page. It does so in a new tab, so the whiteboard remains accessible. The return button closes the settings panel and returns you to the whiteboard.

Advanced Use

Drawing Shapes

Both the pencil and eraser tools allow you to draw solid shapes. When using either of the tools, hold down the middle mouse button and drag to produce a filled shape.

If you don't have a middle mouse button, you can activate the special shape tools using the K and L keys. Note that these tools are simply replacements and do not appear in the tool bar.

Keyboard shortcuts

These are only applicable for devices that actually have a keyboard.

Key Command
P Activate pencil tool
E Activate eraser tool
T Activate text tool
I Open image selection panel
U Undo last action
S Open settings panel
Enter Confirm action
Escape Cancel action
1 or 8 Blue paint
2 or 9 Orange paint
3 or 0 Black Paint
K Activate the solid shape tool
L Activate the area eraser tool