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About the Whiteboard

Drawing things with a mouse can be an arduous ordeal, fraught with unreadable handwriting and constant tool changes. This whiteboard fixes this problem, providing smooth drawing and a slick interface, so that your ideas come first.

The Whiteboard takes full advantage of the desktop computer, utilising all three mouse buttons, and numerous keyboard shortcuts for you other hand.

And if you're on a touch screen, don't worry. We support those too.


The whiteboard features all the required basics: a pencil, eraser, text tool and several colours, along with the fancier features of image uploading and linking, panning, solid shapes, and a presentation mode.

The complete list of tools and features can be found on the docs page.

About the Creator

This whiteboard was developed by myself as a school project.

Known Issues

Using the text tool on devices that have a touch screen, but identify as non-mobile may cause the whiteboard to freeze. If this happens, refresh the page and avoid using the text tool on that device.

The Whiteboard is not designed to work with older browsers. You can go here to upgrade your browser.